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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bryan Pearson

I’ve gotten back in contact with Bryan Pearson, who starred as “Thor” in Teenagers from Outer Space (as Bryan Grant). He was also the film's producer with his then-wife, Ursula Gadischke. He's quite a personable guy; when I find a producer, I'll plan a trip to Honolulu to interview him properly on video.

He’s lived an interesting life. Originally from Britain, he was in the RAF (another obsession of mine) after the war, and went into television acting at the newly-formed BBC, where he acted in a number of live sketch shows. Unfortunately the BBC didn’t start taping these shows until, I believe, the late 50’s, so none of these episodes survived, which is a shame.

He came to Los Angeles to make it big in American acting, but unfortunately the first film he was in was Teenagers, which ended his career. He's now living just outside Honolulu, and runs a real estate business.

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