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Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Back when I was a wee lass, I thought it might be cool if Teenagers were made into a musical, Little Shop of Horrors style.

Well, here was my 14 year-old attempt at a theme song:

They're coming...
They're coming...
They're coming...

Teenagers from Outer Space!
Landed on this planet without a trace!
Thrill crazed space kids on a raygun rampage!
Gonna blast the Earth back into the Stone Age!
They're Teenagers from Outer Space!

They've found a new home for the Gargon herds,
And they only speak in small non-contracted words!
While the son of the leader runs free,
Thor goes on a killing spree!

Derek cares, but he's a traitor,
Thor's got a focusing disintegrator.
Locals saw another flying saucer,
Homicides followed by a giant monster.
And it's a recipe for disaster, when...

Those Teenagers from Outer Space!
Go leaving plastic skeletons all over the place!
Thrill crazed space kids on a raygun rampage!
Gonna blast the Earth back into the Stone Age!
Those Teenagers from Outer Space!
Those Crazy Kids from Outer Space!

Happy Holidays :)

4 gargon specimens:

Charles G said...

Teenagers From Outer Space would make a great musical. It has all the elements to make it a sort of B-movie science fiction version of West Side Story.

I would love to see the costumes and sets!

Maybe we could have a song dedicated to the dog that gets vaporized in the opening scene.

Hugo said...

Hi there

I've been really enjoying reading through the archives of this blog and learning more about this bizarre film... good luck with your documentary project. Quick question: have you learned anything about what "David Love" did after this film or what happened to him at all?

Thanks very much

Michael G said...

I think the Tom Graeff story could be just as easily be turned into a musical!

Action Ash said...

This song is AMAZING!

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