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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Space Sugar. Next: Space Lobster (with Space Butter?)

Wired this week announced that scientists have discovered that "a sugar molecule linked to the origin of life was discovered in a potentially habitable region of our galaxy." Sugar? Sweet!

"The molecule, called glycolaldehyde, was spotted in a large star-forming area of space around 26,000 light-years from Earth in the less-chaotic outer regions of the Milky Way. This suggests the sugar could be common across the universe, which is good news for extraterrestrial-life seekers."

While this discovery is unlikely to make a dent in the "is there or isn't there?" debate, it's nonetheless fascinating to hear about. Besides which, the only thing more improbable than humans finding a way to travel far enough, long enough, to find another planet swarming with life (or Creatues from the Id), is that we're the only living matter in a massive universe full of floating intergalactic chemicals.

We're not alone. As Derek said, "we were put on places far, far apart."

Ro-man seen here getting a little space sugar of his own.

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