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Saturday, August 15, 2009

The New Beverly Cinema is Not of This Earth

On August 7th, Joe Dante showed a beautiful and incredibly rare 35mm print of sci-fi/horror classic Not of This Earth as part of his second DANTE'S INFERNO screening series. Better yet, Roger Corman, who directed NOTE, stopped by for a Q&A before the film and answered questions about Beverly Garland and Paul Birch.

Those who follow this blog know that Tom Graeff worked as Roger Corman's assistant on NOTE, which was filmed during the summer of 1956 and released in 1957 as a companion to Attack of the Crab Monsters. NOTE was one of a string of science fiction films Corman directed for Allied Artists that year.

Tom has a cameo in NOTE as a car park attendant. This appearance is the third of his four known(/surviving) on-screen roles.

Thanks to the New Bev for sharing this classic film with a new audience! Check out their upcoming schedule at http://www.newbevcinema.com/, or follow them on Facebook and Myspace.

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